Is luxury vinyl waterproof?

Is luxury vinyl waterproof?

Luxury vinyl products are 100% waterproof floors that offer protection against water damage in any room they're installed in and feature many additional benefits. If you're considering these products for your home, you'll want to read along with today's post to learn more about them.

Here’s what you can expect from waterproof floors

While there are many waterproof floors to choose from, luxury vinyl is an outstanding choice that offers plenty of benefits for every room of your home. They are especially beneficial if you have children or pets in the house.

For visual perfection, you’ll not only find a wealth of designs and patterns, but you’ll also find products that look just like all-natural materials, such as all-natural stone, porcelain tile, and hardwood flooring. All the textures, formats, and colors that accompany these visuals give you an option to match your décor perfectly, even if it’s personalized and unique.

Durability is a feature you can look forward to as well, with a top wear layer that helps protect you from scratches, stains, and more. You can see all the options available to you on waterproof floors any time when you visit our showroom.

Visit us for the best waterproof flooring options

At Carpet Planet, we offer products with outstanding waterproof flooring options that cater to your need for complete peace of mind, no matter how large or small your project. Our associates will find out what you need most and then make sure you find the products that cater to those requirements the most.

From our showroom in Colorado Springs, CO, we cater to the communities of Black Forest, Fountain, Monument, Woodland Park, Denver, Pueblo, Salida, Aurora, and Fort Collins, and we'd love to work with you too. So be sure to visit us whenever you’re in the area for waterproof floors and services that will serve you well.