Three things to know about "cores" and waterproof flooring

Three things to know about "cores" and waterproof flooring

When you choose waterproof floors, you'll find a wind range of benefits that cater to your needs. One of the most important factors is the construction of the product.

Core materials give these floors their reputation for complete protection from water damage. Here are three things you should know about them for the best results.

1. WPC (wood plastic composite) facts

These cores are dense and thick and offer outstanding resilience, besides being waterproof. In addition, they are created to provide a softer, warmer feel underfoot. 

No actual wood products are used to construct this core layer. Instead, these waterproof floors are made of wood byproduct materials and plastic composites.

2. SPC (stone plastic composite) facts

This layer is rigid, thin, and denser than WPC components for more stability. You can expect this option to smooth uneven spaces in the subflooring if there are any.

This layer is made of limestone and plastic composites for impressive durability. As a result, you'll find floors that stand up to heavy traffic, pets, and children, even in your busiest areas.

3. Waterproof core materials are perfect for large areas

These waterproof flooring options are plentiful if you have a large space to floor with waterproof materials. The rigidity means you won't have to worry about traffic and load bearing.

But it also means you'll get a fantastic visual, no matter your decor. So be sure to shop the latest trends to find a perfect match for yours.

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